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About Us

Linuhn was born out of an obsession with linen fabric and its wonderful natural qualities. 

Born and raised in Northern Europe, linen was woven into our lives from an early age. Our grandmothers told us tales about bright blue fields of flax and at school we sang folksongs about harvesting and weaving it into bolts of cloth.

To us, linen is more than just a textile. It's how we embrace old traditions and connect with nature. And in our homes, linen is just as easy to love: it's beautifully soft, durable and naturally sustainable. 

Our dream is to spread the word about linen to you, so you can learn to love it just as much. 

We invite you to switch to linen bedding and become part of our community of linen lovers. You can shop our collection here, and find out a little bit more about its wonderful qualities at LOVE LINEN.


Linuhn Sustainable and Ethical Linen Bedding Company Female Founders Portrait


We care about being fair and ethical in all steps of linen production as well as making it sustainable by ensuring quality that will last for years.  

Our ambition is to have minimum environmental impact in the way we produce and sell linen products. 


Producing ethically and sustainably made linen bedding is at the core of our brand purpose. At Linuhn, we are dedicated to creating positive environmental and social impacts wherever possible. 

This is why we have chosen to produce our pieces on demand in small factories in Lithuania, within the European Union. Doing so allows us to help keep local traditions alive and reduce our impact by producing only the amount of products necessary. We make every effort to ensure transparency across our supply chain. 


All our linen is OEKO-Tex certified, and adheres to stringent European Union standards. We strive to produce our products to the highest quality standards, to ensure a long lifespan. 

To reduce waste, we ship our bedding in linen dust bags. These allow us to use bold ends and leftover fabric scraps. We ship all orders in recyclable card boxes, avoiding any plastic or tissue paper unless absolutely necessary.